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this was actually the first one that we got the first one that diane found slipped under the door of the office. we didnt have any cameras out front yet so theres nothing to go on there. the envelope was sealed with the same crappy tape and the handwriting on the outside is the same as MSG1. this one has gone to burke. -#

side note. check the inside of the envelope there should have been bleed onto the back of the envelope if the msg wasnt in there when the note writer wrote whitechapel or the bleed should have been on the letter if it was but its not on either. weird but no idea what thats about. burke sent back his solve and notes. seems to make sense for what its worth i trust his call on the solve. let me know if you want him to provide more detail on his thoughts re the importance of the duplicities. guys a freak for borges -#

burkes solve and notes