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xscript: burke's solve & notes


"Hey JQS. No biggie, it was a simple book code. I was pretty sure right off since I happen to own two of the books. I didn't feel like running all over town for the rest so I checked Amazon and sure enough it looks like whoever put this together wanted someone to be able to solve it pretty easy. The pattern is title : format : author initials : page : line : word. I think your guy screwed up on The Janissary Tree since he put the format (p) twice. I guess it's not impossible that he was giving a hint with that since that one threw me for a second with the word number, since the line starts with a partial word. P for partial? Not sure. The words solve out as:

1 three
2 king
3 only
4 commanded
5 the
6 wise

The order is a different matter but I'm pretty sure I have that too. You sure you don't want me to mess around with it some more? There could be all sorts of additonal info in there, especially with some of the authors and books that were used. Can you tell me what this is about? I might be able to fill in some details; i.e. Borges may have additional meaning, since he was The Freakin' Man. If you know what I mean. Labyrinths, the book, obviously shows up a couple times, so that could add meaning. As does the word 'wise' and the word 'king'; could point to a king with lots of wisdom. Especially since there is that handwritten '2' at the botton of the page. Seems obvious that there would be significance in twos. Anyway, I'm pretty sure the word order is:

the wise king commanded only three

You got any more of these? -b"