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this was the 2nd one we got diane found this one slipped under the front door at the end of her shift after leaving her desk for a minute still didn't have a cam out front so nothing. ive given this one to tristan because she has a better chance considering how weird this one is. like the other two the part in the lower right corner is the only handwritten part. since its been a while im including the notes that the foundation guys attached after the quick search they did when they first got this. let me know if you want them to take a closer look too. note: the bold text came that way from the foundation don't think it was supposed to mean anything other than separating the names. -#


Notes, Letter 2 (MSG3):

1) Initial crossref of the names found on the sheet of paper resulted in the following:

Enlil. The Foundation feels that this relates directly to a major Sumerian deity. Although this deity is referenced in numerous Foundation research documents, it has not been referenced in any past investigations.

W.Wallace (William Wallace?). Without further clarification the Foundation feels that William Wallace is the most likely reference.

The Foundation has worked on three cases within the last 50 years that relate to William Wallace. All three cases were investigations into sightings of Wallace’s ghost and all three investigations were conducted at Ardrossan castle where the ghost was thought to have been seen.

1. January 2-4, 1968. Findings: Inconclusive.
2. April 17-22, 1984. Finding: Inconclusive
3. February 29, 2004. Finding: Associate researcher Shane Macnab reported an unexplained feeling of dread and panic as he walked the castle grounds on the night of 2/29/04. No other events were recorded.

Ahasuerus. Without further clarification the Foundation feels that this references either the Persian King chronicled in the biblical book of Esther or the Wandering Jew of legend.

Although both figures are referenced in numerous Foundation research documents, Ahasuerus as Persian King has not been referenced in any past investigation.

There are several references to Ahasuerus as the Wondering Jew in older Foundation archives, all of them from the 19th century. Each consists of nothing more than accounts of regional sightings of the figure from throughout Europe.

2) Examination of the inside of the envelope, including beneath the taped portion of the flap, shows no markings of any kind.


side note. looks like the foundation picked up on the ink bleed thing like from the last one. same blue painters tape too. ill let you know once i get something back from tristan-#

tristans solve and notes ive sent msg4 to burke