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this was the forth one frank found it on his way back from lunch he stopped by his car and found the envelope under his windshield wiper. we checked the car at the time and there was nothing else to go on. the oc folks felt that the words in the middle of the square are an anagram didn't tell burke about that to see what he comes up with on his own. we never got anything else of substance on this one from oc. at this point it seems like a given but still not sure why it bothers me so much - no bleed through marks on the message or the envelope -#


Relevant Foundation Notes - MSG4:

2) The Foundation has searched its internal archives for all the words found on MSG4.

2.1) The phrase “SEALED ITS OWN FATE” is written inside the square. This phrase resulted in numerous hits against the Foundation’s archives but the phrase on its own is considered too general, and is far too numerous, to present any likely connections.

2.2) “DUKE OF MANCHESTER” is printed upside-down directly above the square. There is only one reference to a Duke of Manchester in Foundation archives; the reference pertains to the 4th Duke of Manchester and notes that he held the Freemasonry Office of Grand Master of the Premier Grand Lodge of England from 1777–1782.



8927 —» 363

i know you want this right away so here's as much of burke's solve as i have. ill send the rest as soon as i get it. let me know if its ok to send vic after him. only barely kidding. -- he sent the rest its all there now. are you thinking what im starting to think. seems familiar but its all wrong.