...they found me in the first place, so I think I will keep these thoughts to this notebook.

As I sit down to write this I realize that beyond the surface stuff (British, pretty tall, sandy blonde, well dressed, well educated, good sense of humor - sounds like your best chum on the rugby team), I really don't know very much about him. He has mentioned Eton once or twice, but never any of the universities you would expect, so I have a feeling that he either didn't make it or didn't bother. I'm pretty sure he didn't bother.

I may have mentioned elsewhere that he likes toys; gadgets and new tech. Whenever he hands over something new, I can tell he really gets a kick out of showing off all the little features and functions that normal people never get around to figuring out. That's a geek thing. Steve Hollins from high school was just like that.

I get the impression that at least part of Calvin's function within E is to help them become more technologically savvy. There's a certain report that I've seen him write, in long hand, and mail back to London. I asked him about it and he said 'some old habits die particularly hard'. I know they have encrypted E-mail in London because I've seen him use that, too - but I guess there are still some men's clubs over there that iron the newspaper, so who knows. He says he's spent a lot of time trying to get them to understand the need to be able to communicate quickly and securely, and to be able to react fast to situations that may be of interest to them. Not sure how successful he's been, in light of the snail-mail reports and all.

But with his own team, me, and Sam, and #, and Parkes (I guess), and I'm sure some others, he takes full advantage of everything that's available. And some things that I get the feeling aren't really available yet. Not sure how, but I've seen him use a couple things that I have never seen anywhere else. Which means money. Which I assume he gets the majority of from E proper, but I have to wonder just how much. If wouldn't surprise me if he had his own sources of income.

He's mentioned that before E got to him he was in IT. That's pretty broad, but I'd bet that's where he knows # from. And I'd put a little side bet on Calvin having done very well for himself in the 90's. No record of that (that I can find), but there where lots and lots of kids in the 90's who made a pile during the boom and never got into the papers. I'll keep looking when I have the time. Of course, wouldn't surprise me at all if he's taken some steps to cover himself. I guess we're all pretty anonymous.

With the money, and the tech background, and # running around, though, I feel better writing personal stuff in this thing. And on top of all that it's a great notebook. Moleskine. Not pronounced 'mole skin', I made that mistake. Used by every famous writer and artist since Moses, if you believe the marketing. But it is good; sturdy, nice little bookmark, elastic band, pocket hidden in the back. I feel better with this. Maybe I have more in common with the old guys in London.