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Patricia Dunn (Danii Rosenberg)
An accomplished actor and stuntperson, Patty brings a wealth of experience and talent to the role of Danii. She has appeared in such films as Legend of the Red Reaper and First Dark.


Jade Macalla (Jade)
Aside from the striking similarity of his name to the character's, Jade was well-suited to play the role of Jade based on his stage and screen experience with roles in Pillow Talk and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and hosting the popular series Portfolio.


Kat Kentes (Victoria Hanover)
In addition to her acting talents, Kat is an exceptional stage combatant/stunt woman. She has appeared in numerous live productions showcasing her fight talents, including the Michigan Renaissance Festival, Metrocon 2008's Anime Human Chess Match, and many others.


Rick Vantry (James Stewart)
Rick is an exceptional martial artist with extensive training in several Malay and Filipino martial arts. This, along with his extensive military background, allows Rick to bring an unparalleled level of realism and energy to the character of James.