Autumn Country is that part of our world where wondrous and inexplicable things occasionally happen.


Technically, Autumn Country is a fictional frame world, the setting for related stories - in various forms - that explore myth, folklore and the power of storytelling in new and interesting ways.

The pathways through the various story arcs are winding and not always obvious. This is intentional. For those who just don't have time to 'discover' the stories there is a site map. We hope you won't use it.

Autumn Country is always expanding with new stories and images and other things; so we hope you will come back often.

Over the years many talented artists have added to the world of Autumn Country through the creation of images and stories that expand upon the 'official' content you will find here. We are proud to highlight some of these works at a sister site we are calling Shades of Autumn.

Djinn Audio has begun producing audio versions of some of the Autumn Country stories as well as short video vignettes. These files, along with other multimedia content, are being hosted at Autumn Country on, as well as at the iTunes Music Store.

The people behind the project.

Cast & Crew
Information on some of the people who bring Autumn Country to the page and screen.

Autumn Country is intended for mature audiences.

If you would like to know more about Autumn Country, or if you would like to be added to the Autumn Tribe mailing list for notification whenever there are updates and special offers or events, please contact Djinn Productions .